Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Big Sigh

A big sigh is what I just heard from my dog, who is sleeping on the floor of my office.  I know she missed me last week but maybe especially because she had to stay in her kennel so much.  Even yesterday I was out of the house quite a bit so she had to go back.  She was snoring just a little bit ago.  Last night Johnny and I went with a couple of our pastors and their wives to a pastors' dinner.  It was a lot of fun.  I really, really love the people we have the privilege of serving with at FBCM. Anyway, when we got home Jessica had given the dog a bath.  Not that she isn't willing, but she usually doesn't give the dog a bath when there's homework to be done.  But, apparently, the dog was quite muddy.  We had a bit of rain yesterday evening but I couldn't really figure out where she had been to get so muddy.  As I was washing my face last night a thought occurred to me so I went outside in the dark to check it out.  Yesterday afternoon I bought some plants for my garden.  I moved the brick that was blocking the gate Johnny built with the fence that was meant to keep the dog out of the garden and put the plants back there til I could plant them today.  That silly dog, I guess, saw me move that brick because when I went outside last night the brick was moved and the gate was open!  Yes, the dog figured out how to get to my garden.  Ugh!  Don't worry, I fixed her.  I've but a bungee cord on that gate until Johnny can get home today and come up with a more permanent solution. 

I am also letting out a big sigh today.  The last few weeks have been so crazy and today is quiet.  The weather is beautiful so I'll work outside later after I've worked on my LifeWay writing assignment for a while.  The rest of the week should be calm and I am so looking forward to that.  I mean, I'm really excited.  So, I guess I'll get off of here and get to work. 

Serving the King,


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