Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sick Day

For the second time this week I've got a kid home from school sick. Jacob and I are watching "Man vs. Food." It's a TV about food challenges. I like to watch just about any show about food -- any cooking show on the food network (except the cake shows), the cooking contest shows, even the ones where the guys travel all over the world eating things Americans would think are a little strange. Mainly I like to cook and try new things so I find it all entertaining. If the members of my family were a little more adventurous we would try many more things than we do.

And, on the subject of food, Jess brought home a sheet with a nutrition plan from her basketball coach. A nutrition plan for high school basketball! Oatmeal was on her sheet so, like a good mom, I made her a bowl of nutritious oatmeal for breakfast. Only, it was plain oatmeal. She likes the packets of the flavored ones. So, she got out the syrup and put it in the oatmeal. Now, that is nutritious (I wrote sarcastically). Either way, she wouldn't eat it. So I treated her like I did when she was little, "Just eat 4 more bites." She's a junior in high school, for goodness sake!

And, on the subject of force feeding, Jacob just about threw a fit when made to take cough medicine today. I know it tastes awful and I, personally, refuse to take it but I made him. It provided me with a good laugh to start the day as he took the medicine and then immediately stuffed his mouth full of Pringles. mmmm, Pringles at 8:30 am.

Enough of this meaninglessness! "Man vs. Food" is over so I think I'll go do something productive...

Serving the King,


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Sue said...

Too funny about your daughter having to be "spoon fed" her oatmeal - hee hee. I hope your son is feeling better soon. That flu out there is horrific this year!