Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Magazine

My Spanish tutor brought a new magazine to my attention. The magazine is called Life Beautiful and the link to the publication is It's a really nice magazine with cooking (my favorite) and decorating and Bible verses integrated into all of it. Ok, I totally copied this off the magazine's website and it says it better than I can:

Life:Beautiful is a national, inter-denominational, Christian lifestyle magazine that celebrates an active, integrated faith. Built on a foundation of biblical teaching and encouragement for spiritual growth, Life:Beautiful offers relevant information and community for Christian women.

The pages of Life:Beautiful showcase everyday experiences and activities, such as parenting, cooking, decorating, teaching, working, volunteering, resting, traveling and offering hospitality—all of which can be used to share the joy of the Lord.

Hope you'll check it out! My friend found it at Barnes & Noble.

Serving the King,



Jeanette said...

Alright, I just found out this is not a new magazine, it's just new to me. Check out their website for back issues as well as the current issue!

Dionna said...

I got this magazine just one time last summer when we went on a road trip. It is truly a beautiful magazine.