Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Heaping Dose of Praise

It's Saturday night and Jessica and Jacob are both home. Johnny and I cooked (Johnny grilled hamburgers in the rain and he has a cold -- I DID say I would cook them inside but he insisted) am especially delicious dinner tonight and had both of the kids who still live here home to eat with us. AND, there was no one else. Extremely unusual for a Saturday night around here. Jessica had to play in a volleyball game 2 1/2 hours away today and, well, they both have had a busy weekend so far so I think they're a little tired. It's nice for Johnny and me. So, we had ice cream. It was nice. The four of us were sitting around the table eating our yummy Blue Bell -- we each had a pint of our favorite. No, no, we didn't eat the whole pint. We just got to have our own favorite flavor. Anyway, Johnny was telling about being at his uncle's funeral and meeting the pastor of his parents' church. He was talking to the pastor and his wife and they asked what I did. Johnny told them and the wife, apparently, asked if I was a missionary. Johnny replied that he never thought about it that way but, yeah, I guess you could say that. Then my kids started to tell what they tell people who ask what I do. I'm a little embarrassed to type it all out cuz I don't want any of you readers to think I'm gettin' a big head but it was quite awesome. Johnny made another comment (one that I will also leave out) to which Jacob responded, "Yeah, now she's gonna write a blog about it." So here it is, Jacob. My blog about eating ice cream with you, Jess, and dad. Yeah, by far, this was the one good thing about my day!

Serving the King,


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