Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Weekend

We went to basketball last night...our Jessica's team won and I saw her name in the paper today in the box scores. I checked it out while I was waiting for my vanilla latte at Starbucks this morning. Today I had to buy groceries. The main thing about this weekend is that it's time for re-grouping after the first week back to school after the break. Getting the house back in order, making sure all the boxes of decorations are put back up in the attic...I keep finding things that I forgot. And, I stashed all my regular decor in various places and am yet to locate it all. (sigh)

Ok, I admit it, the real big event for this weekend is that 24 is starting back! Jack is back! Tomorrow night I'll be glued to the tv with some friends and family. If you're a fan check back on Monday and let's share our thoughts and comments on the season opener...

See ya then!


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