Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Teenager #2 in on the loose

I just watched Jessica drive off to school -- BY HERSELF!! What a day. This is our first day back to school after the break and she got her driver's license during the holiday. I'm torn in 2 with feelings -- sadness that the time is passing by so fast and I can't believe she's already driving and gladness over having a teenager driving in the house again which makes my taxi cab services not as necessary!

The break is over and we are all getting back into a routine today. The college boy is still home for a couple of weeks so that's really awesome. I like routine. It's the crazy evenings with basketball games 3 nights a week that are a little hard to deal with at times. We sat out around the campfire during our Christmas break camping trip -- just sitting and talking and watching the fire. (except Johnny, who must play in the fire. Which, BTW, gave him no reason to be upset with the teenagers when they threw a mini aersol can in their fire that exploded because they learned by example. Really, that's a story that's way too long for this day's blog.) The sitting and relaxing around the campfire was the resting up for the weeks ahead. I know they will be super busy but I'm ready.

Along that same thought, our women's retreat theme for this year is "Rest." It's from Matthew 11:28, of course, "Come to Me all who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest." The weekend is going to be relaxing and refreshing and low-key. I am super excited about it. It's been a tough year for some of the women I know. The economy is tough, relationships can cause stress, some are dealing with aging parents & little kids at the same time. I could go on but the promise that we have is believers is that we have Someone to lean on, to turn to. That's a promise to count on.

And I'll be leaning hard these first few weeks I let my daughter drive off by herself...

Serving the King,


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