Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Never boring

I had such great expectations of myself that I would blog about the bestest tv show, 24. I even had not one, but two, nights worth of 2 hour episodes each to gush about. Alas, life happens and goes on and 24 commentary is not on the agenda today.

This morning Johnny and I had his entire office staff and the pastors that work along side my man over to the house for their weekly staff meeting. We treated them to a brunch...and, though I did do most the planning, shopping, and cooking, my own pastor did help me out. It was just our small way of saying thank you for all the hard work they do week after week on the behalf of the kingdom of God. They are an amazing group of people! I am grateful beyond my ability to express that God brought us here to this church and am thankful for each person that sat around my living room today. I'm thankful for their creativity, their enthusiasm, their ability to get along and enjoy one another, their willingness to be stretched and their willingness to do whatever it takes so that our church can be a light on the hill for Mansfield.

And with that, I'm off...I'm writing material for our women's retreat today and am planning for my trip to Asia coming up way too fast!

Serving the King,


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