Thursday, February 8, 2007


My oldest will be 17 this month. is that possible? It seems like yesterday that he was learning to walk and talk and finding out just how far he could push his limits...he's always done that. I always say he is bonded to his dad. They are so much alike. I had some complications after his delivery and his dad did everything for him except feed him for the first few days. I have a photo of that sweet baby asleep on his daddy's chest at the hospital...daddy asleep as well, legs hanging over that little chair in the hospital room. When he was older and it was just he and I at home, he would throw himself on the floor in front of the door when daddy went off to work. "I want my daddy!" he would cry. "Hello...I'm still here," I would think.

He doesn't say "daddy" anymore. In fact, he's a bit taller than dad now. I feel such a sense of urgency with him. Just a year and a half and he's off to college. That's overwhelming. We have a lot to accomplish between now and then. Like, learning to get up in the morning when the alarm clock goes off. How to budget and keep up with a bank account. Actually, he's a miser when it comes to his own's just our money he doesn't mind spending. How to love God with his whole heart and learn to depend on Him when life gets tough. It's going to get tough...that's a given.

We have to keep on praying...for him and his brother and sister. God is faithful...they are really great kids! I am blessed and thankful!

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