Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Grill in the Pool

Something totally hilarious happened yesterday...I can only admit that now. Yesterday, it wasn't so funny. I thought I was back in West Texas. The wind was blowing 5,000 miles an hour and the sky turned orange...West Texans are used to such, but here in North Texas it's rather odd. Anyway, Johnny was gone to a meeting and I looked out to see his new gas grill at the bottom of the pool...yes, the gas grill had blown into the pool with the gas tank and cover going down with it. It was only me and the younger two at home and there was no way that we could get that grill out... BTW, if you read my last blog you might remember that one thing that I know for sure is that the water in the pool is WAY TO COLD FOR SWIMMING or any other activity, for that matter. For emphasis, let me inform you that the water is FREEZING! We attempted to get in, none the less. I, with my clothes on and including my socks (as if that would make it less cold), could only get in on the ledge that put the water a little above my knees. Johnny could not be convinced to leave his meeting to come home he just told his daughter to text message her brother and tell him to get home. He was at the movies but he left early and came home with a buddy. I didn't say a word, I just pointed to the bottom of the pool when they came out to the backyard. They retreated to the house to find some swimsuits and came running out and jumped in the pool without even hesitating or thinking...that's good, because if they thought about it or tried to ease in they would have never gotten in! The buddy said, "I can't breathe!" I am serious, the coldness will take your breath away. Remember, the wind is still blowing 5,000 miles an hour. (only a mild exaggeration!) They finally dragged the grill over to the steps and my daughter had to join them to get the propane tank while they pulled the grill out. We moved the grill out to the grass...far away from the pool...and went in to warm up.

It seems like we have little emergencies every once in a while to get our adrenaline pumping and to propel us into action. It's hard to be complacent when the grill is in the bottom of the pool. I wonder if that's why God doesn't often let our lives get to be too boring. Sometimes we need a little excitement to get us moving...

Blessings to ya,


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