Monday, October 10, 2011

School Holiday

The college kids got an entire week off last week - Fall Break - but the high schooler got today off. He came home from a friend's house, where he spent the night, with 2 of his buddies sometime in the early afternoon. He asked me to take him to get a new drum head (which we did) and to have a Dallas Stars watching party tonight. The game started at 5:00 but they didn't start watching it until almost 7:00 pm because our Texas Rangers are playing in the ALCS. The game went into extra innings and was won by a walk-off grand slam by Nelson Cruz. It was so exciting. They are now 2 up in the series. The Stars are now in OT. (I actually already saw on twitter which team won the game but these guys are all excited about the shoot-out so there's no way I'm telling them that the Stars actually won the game!) Jacob had 6 friends over tonight and it is so great to have boys yelling and cheering! Some days it has been way too quiet around here. (The all just yelled "yes" in their manly voices so the game is finally over! It was also exciting.)

I didn't go running today. I needed to buy groceries so I decided to head over to the brand new Kroger that just opened near our house. It's a Kroger Marketplace so it has lots more stuff than just groceries. First of all, the parking lot was packed and I had a hard time finding a parking space. I nearly had a panic attack when I walked in the door because, first of all, there was a girl yelling about free samples of fresh-squeezed orange juice and pineapple. Secondly, the store is not in the same lay-out as my old Kroger. I like routine and sameness. I couldn't find anything. And THEN the checker made me give her my Kroger card before I finished unloading my cart. At the old Kroger they will let you give the card when you finish instead of making you stop. Then, there wasn't anyone sacking my groceries until almost the end. And, then (last one) the checker - instead of helping to finish putting the groceries into my reusable grocery sacks like they do at the old Kroger - started checking out the guy behind me. She let his groceries come down the conveyor right into my unsacked groceries. Look, I was stressed and trying to be kind but come on... I was so happy to be out of there. Unfortunately, the boys wanted to get something this afternoon and I ended up making a second trip to the new Kroger. Twice in one day. yikes - hope to not be back til next week!

I don't mean to complain about nonsensical things. I am truly happy and so thankful that I have the ability to drive down the street in my fun little car and that I have money to buy groceries. I am thankful for coupons and deals at the new store. (A fella even game me a coupon for a free bag of coffee!) I am thankful for healthy kids and friends and time to spend doing unimportant things like watching sporting events when such serious things are going on in the world. I am thankful (oh, get this one) that I have a wonderful tile floor in my kitchen and hot, running water in my house with which to clean it. Even if I did have to get down on my hands and knees today to clean parts of it, I'm glad to have it. I'm super thankful for my man - the one that I love to spend time with more than anyone else - and being able to share our lives together. I'm thankful for a day off school and a son who still asks me to do stuff for him - like cooking special hockey-watching food for him and his friends.

Serving the King,


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