Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mission Laredo

I am super tired but wanted to put up a quick post about day 1 & 2 of our mission trip to Laredo.  We traveled and shopped yesterday.  The guys bought supplies for our work projects and Karen and I shopped for food, etc.  We're in charge of the food but thanks to our BFF, Joey who sent us with way more food than I think we'll be able to eat in 5 days that was leftover from the church picnic Sunday night, we won't have to cook too much at all.  Today was a work day.  We (and I am using the word we loosely) are building some walls at a new church plant.  We also walked the streets of the nearby neighborhood to pass out Bibles to people who had asked for one.  I did a LOT of sweeping today.  Back at our other project site I used a crowbar and a hammer, while standing on scaffolding, to pry some boards off the exterior of the roof.  Ok, ok, Darrell helped me but I mostly got the first one off myself.  The real builders were off....shopping.  Yes, they were shopping and we were working.

The main thing about today was that I was overwhelmed by the extreme poverty of the neighborhood where we were.  The second thing was how impressed I am with the pastor of the church where we were today.  At his own expense, he has started a church.  I am so glad we could come alongside him to encourage him by being a tiny part of what he is trying to accomplish.

Now I must rest --

Serving the King,


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