Monday, April 5, 2010

Final Four

At the NCAA Women's Final Four

I feel so smart though I really am not.  I took this photo with my fancy new cell phone because my other one was practically prehistoric according to my oldest.  In fact, the guy at the cell store just about laughed at it and said there had been a few updates to the same model phone I used to have.  I had an upgrade or I wouldn't have the new phone.  But, as you might have recognized, I am having a problem with the alignment of this text so I really am not smart at all.

But, here we are in San Antonio.  I am so glad we came because I saw the list of Women's Final Four locations through 2016 and it won't be back in Texas in the years until then.  It was a bonus that the Baylor Lady Bears were playing last night.  They did not win but played well.  I mean, for goodness sakes, they have such a young team.  Like Jessica said, the three freshmen that have a considerable amount of playing time were still in high school this time last year.  They were playing a team that had been undefeated for 76 straight games before that and won a national championship last year.

Watch out next year for the Lady Bears!

Jessica and I had a fairly lazy day and are enjoying our time in San Antonio.  We will be at the championship game tomorrow night.  I am so curious about how many will be in attendance because there were thousands of BU fans there last night.  Our tickets had to be purchased for both nights so if the rest of the Baylor fans purchased tickets to all games I wonder if they will be returning.  The Baylor fans were LOUD last night and suppported the Lady Bears when they got within 3 points of UConn.  I guess we'll find out tomorrow night how many people will be returning to watch UConn and Stanford.

So, we're here in our room  I gotta say I'm for the underdog, Butler.  It's a close game.  And I've turned into a bigger basketball fan than I ever thought I'd be.