Monday, January 4, 2010

The Year of No Presents to Wrap

We End The Year of no presents
With a dream trip for two
It doesn’t really matter that our daughter laughs at where we are going
I don’t care where….I just love being with you.

I have been getting back to my study of Matthew for Fusion this morning and I came across the ode Johnny wrote me for this Christmas where he and I didn't exchange a wrappable gift. We, instead, decided to take the trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I thought about copying the whole thing here but it's full of all kinds of personal stuff so I've just posted the last verse. He typed it up and wrapped it for me because I think he just wanted me to have something to unwrap. He's thoughtful like that. He's written poetry for me on occasion throughout of relationship. It's really sweet but my purpose is not to embarrass him but to tell just about the biggest complement I think I've ever received.

As I wrote about in my last post, we went on a snowmobile ride through Yellowstone. We spent the day with our guide and 5 other people on our tour. On the way back to Jackson Hole, I chatted with one of the women we spent the day with. We talked about all sorts of things but toward the end of our conversation she said, " (meaning Johnny and me) seem to be really good friends."

Yeah, we are. He's my best friend. The person that shares my heart and my dreams. My knight in shining armor. The protector and provider for me and the three that belong to us. The love of my entire life.

The year of no presents to wrap ended excellently with me and my man. Just the 2 of us hanging out in Jackson Hole. It truly was a great year!


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Sue said...

I love it! I love reading "love stories" like yours (and mine) where spouses are BFF's as well as husband/wife. God bless you. You are modeling something so wonderful for you children!!