Thursday, August 6, 2009


Johnny and I had lunch with some new friends yesterday and they told us about a particularly hard time they had been through just a few years ago. We talked a little about how God teaches us through the hard times. No, I'm not going through a hard time right now. I DID have insomnia last night/this morning and could not sleep because I could not turn my brain off. There are just too many things going on in my life and one particular deadline that's aggravating the life outta me. But, that being the case, I'm reminded about how God has taught me in the past. I almost miss that closeness when I was so desperate that I literally read one particular psalm every single day. God spoke to me through those verses in a real, personal way through a very rough season. Maybe that's why I love the psalms. Even though I'm not getting any comments or any feedback on my Psalm of the Week so I don't know if anyone is out there, the psalms minister to me. It's those times of personal Bible study when God reveals Himself to me that are so precious. It's not for a study I'm writing, for a lesson I'm preparing, or a blog I'm posting. It's just for me. God speaks through His Word in times of desperation and in the times of smooth sailing. It's just different, at least it is for me. How God uses it for the benefit of others, however, is when we share our story. That's what we've gotta do so that others will know the powerful benefit of God working through their own lives.

Serving the King,


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