Monday, August 24, 2009

An Empty Street

Today is the first day of school. Tomorrow I will get back to training for the 15k coming up in November but today I just went out for a walk. I seriously have the best conversations with God when my feet are moving and the first day of school is time for heavy conversation. I walked around the neighborhood and saw the oddest thing when I rounded the corner returning to my house. An empty street. There weren't any cars/trucks parked in front of my house. We spent the first 2 months of summer home a week, gone a week, home, gone, etc., but the last 3 weeks we've pretty much been home. And, with Josh home for the summer, someone has always been parked in the street. Then, add all the extra people that have been in and out of our home this summer and our street has been almost constantly lined with vehicles. I am not exaggerating. So, it's a little sad to see the emptiness. The house is quiet -- I thought I'd be glad for a little peace and quiet but they're gone and that makes me sad. School has them for more daylight hours for the weekdays for the next 36 weeks or so than I do.

I've posted the traditional first day of school pictures below. Our private school has cracked down on the dress code this year so Jessica and some of her friends created their own "standard attire." Men's white v-neck t-shirts. First day of Junior year:

First day of Freshman year. Yes, my baby is in HIGH SCHOOL!

This is not the first day of college but here's a picture of Josh and his girlfriend, Michelle, in front of Josh's townhouse at DBU.

Happy first of school to ya!
Serving the King,


Anonymous said...

How did they get to be so big so fast?

Anonymous said...

Just wait until you come home from moving your youngest to college! Talk about quiet and empty!!! Even the dog wasn't there because I haven't picked him up from boarding yet. We are both not sure what this phase of our lives is going to look like...waiting to see what new things God brings our way this school year.

Waiting on Him,
Kathy W