Saturday, August 22, 2009

Back to School (Almost)

We moved the college boy back to campus on Thursday. He's been taking a few things over gradually over the last few weeks so he didn't take much the other day. I did buy him some groceries and the ever useful George Forman grill at Target. Me and the three at Target for back-to-school shopping. I was was worn out! Thankfully, we got home and Jess and Jacob took off with Josh to the townhome but I was waiting until Johnny got home to go over with him. I really just needed a few minutes of downtime after the chaos. Josh seemed glad and asked his sister if she would help him "organize" before I got there. She organized and did a great job it's just that there's not enough time to really get that boy organized. I don't know if I really want to ever go back to the townhome. 7 guys, yes, 7 guys in one 3 bedroom unit. They have a deer head on one wall and a big, flatscreen on another. Josh has a poster of Slash on the wall to his room.

Then, we went over to his girlfriend's apartment. I feel like I should change fonts and beautiful music should begin playing in the background. In the girls' apartment they have a Bible verse on the wall. (Have you seen those vinyl letters you can put up? They are so cool!) They also have artwork and decorations and cute framed pictures of themselves and flowers and organization. Quite the contrast from my son's place.

Jessica's high school volleyball team has already been playing games for 2 weeks. They are in a tournament this weekend. We spent yesterday watching volleyball and I am heading out for more volleyball fun today. In fact, I've gotta scoot and get over to Fort Worth.

We're ready for the first day of school. Except for the haircut that's been a long time coming and today's the day for that. The other day Jess asked me if I will cry on the 1st day of school like I always do... we'll see.

Serving the King,


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