Sunday, December 7, 2008

Great Weekend

We had a great weekend. Friday night we went out to dinner with friends. On a Friday night...with friends...and no kids. It was nice. Saturday was the Sweet 16 birthday bash. Jessica really likes to go to the movies so we had one of our all-time favorites, "Remember the Titans," playing indoors and, after a while of hanging out, presents, and eating, we had movie watching outside. In the backyard. We hung a sheet on the brick wall in our backyard and a projection unit showing the movie. We also had lots of popcorn and blankets and a fire pit with all the stuff to make smores. We had 25 teenagers over and, I hope, they all had fun. We really like the kids at Jessica's new school and were glad to get to know some of them.

Today, after church, we went to eat lunch at our friends' house with our college son, their college son and some of the boys' DBU friends. That's always great. Before lunch, however, I was really challenged by Johnny's sermon. He has been doing a series called "Six Verbs to Live By." Today was the final verb and it was "Go." The text was from John 20:19-21. Just as the Father sent Jesus, He was sending His disciples. Our mandate, as believers, is to go. We don't necessarily have to go to foreign countries to reach the nations. The nations are here, in our country and in our cities. I really like to has been fun to go to Burma, India, Venezuela and Mexico over the last couple of years. While I do hope to go overseas during 2009, I hope to be a part of some new mission and ministry opportunities to reach those in my own neighborhood and city that do not yet know.

Well, Jessica wants to use my laptop to get on iTunes. She got $140 worth of iTunes gift cards for her birthday. I'm trying to convince her to share just a few dollars with me....

Serving the King,


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