Thursday, December 18, 2008

Finally feels like Christmas

I don't know if anyone is writing, much less reading, blogs lately. Who has time for that? For me, however, it's just starting to feel like Christmas. The college boy got home last night (yes, all the way from DBU) and today is the last day of school for the other two. I've got several jr. high boys over who, BTW, have been playing outside and are damp and stinky and just came in when I sat down at the computer -- Rock Band will start at any minute. We finally took some pictures for our annual photo Christmas card last night. Josh & Jess were quite silly but Jacob looks almost the same in every single picture. The shopping for the kids is finished and we'll have a family shopping day on Monday so the kids can buy some gifts. That is usually one of my favorite days -- shopping, eating, and maybe even time for a movie if all the presents get purchased. (yeah, there goes the Rock Band...)
Yesterday Johnny and I finished up our shopping and stopped for some lunch. I told him I honestly did not want to get any presents this year -- all I want for Christmas is family time. All five of us.
Hold tight those you love and spread a little holiday cheer.
Merry Christmas!
Serving the King,

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