Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I am getting really excited about our big vacation coming up in just 4 days. Yikes...did I just write 4 days? I've got to get busy!!

We are leaving Sunday afternoon with the five of us and the Wildwood. We will head for Georgia to visit Johnny's family for a few days and then we'll head up to Virginia Beach. I've never even been to Virginia so I'm pumped about that. We are camping at First Landing State Park...named because it's the site where the settlers first landed! We leave there to go to Jamestown, Virginia. Jessica wanted to visit there because she learned in American History that this is the 400th anniversary of Jamestown. Perhaps you heard that the Queen was over for visit for the occasion. We'll check that out and then we are headed to Washington, DC. We are camping at a private campground in Maryland. Apparently, we will be able to catch a bus at our campground that will take us to the metro transit system for DC. We'll have a few days there and then will head back home.

I've never been to Washington, DC, and neither has Johnny. It's on "the list" of the things we want to do with our kids before they grow up and leave us. I've been reading and preparing but if you have any last minute suggestions of things we don't want to miss while we are there, please leave a comment and tell me what it is!

I think Johnny and I are excited about going new places that we've always wanted to go, but at this point we are looking forward to having our kids all to ourselves. They are so busy with their friends and activities. After dinner last night they all left to hang out with friends. We were cleaning up the kitchen (he's so good to help me!!) and talking about the future when it will be just the two of us...

I guess I better go throw another load of clothes in the laundry!

Gettin' ready for vacation,


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