Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What Question Would You Ask?

It's the Christmas season. We are doing all things Christmasy. Today was one of my favorite of our newish Christmas traditions. Today was the staff Christmas brunch, the day that causes me to do some of my favorite things: look at new cookbooks and recipes for hours on end (I even checked out Pinterest which just might become a valuable source of information if I can fully figure out how to use it), cook, and sit around and eat and visit with friends. I did repeat some recipes from last year. One, at the request of our student pastor's wife, was Paula Deen's recipe for cheese grits. These are not your ordinary cheese grits but yummy deliciousness of grits and 2 kinds of cheese and, of course, butter.

There are other holiday things going on but, of course, our Life Group lessons this month are on the reason for the season, the birth of Jesus. I missed the first Sunday of the month because I was out running (see my last post) but this past Sunday covered, in part, the part of the story when Mary and Joseph receive the news that they will parent the Savior of the World. One of the questions that the writer of the literature asked was about whether, once Mary was told by the angel all that she would bear the Son of God, all her questions were answered. Obviously, we have recorded in Scripture that her response was that she was the Lord's bondservant but, just because she moved forward in obedience, I wonder if she had any questions rolling around in her thoughts.

So, I posed this question to my Life Group gals this week: if you could ask God any question and you were guaranteed an audible, verbal answer, what would it be? Please, don't get me wrong. I believe God reveals Himself to us and answers our questions in all sorts of ways but I was just asking out of pure curiosity. Honestly, I was expecting things like, "Why did _______ happen the way it did?" or "Why do children die of starvation when we live in the land of plenty?" (ok, that would be my question) or some question related to something biblical. I didn't get the responses I expected but one in particular has stuck with me for a couple of days: How am I doing?

How am I doing?

That question never even occurred to me prior to my asking for it out-loud to my class but, perhaps, it should. It's a great question to ask of God, I think. Am I on track with Your will for me? Am I living the way I should as Your ambassador? Am I loving enough, giving enough, praying enough, studying enough? Really, how am I doing?

I think it's ok to ask questions - the sort of questions, even, that we may never have the answer to like why? The key is not to let the questions keep us from moving forward and walking in obedience. And, then there's the question about how I'm doing. Definitely, ask that question. Evaluate your life. Pray about it. God may not audibly, verbally answer (then again, He might - He does whatever He wants) but that doesn't mean He won't answer. I think if you are genuinely seeking, He will answer. Be open to the answer and be open to the change that might come with it. Just don't be afraid to ask.

Seriously, what question would you ask?

Serving the King,


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Julie Brooks said...

Those were some MIGHTY FINE grits!!! YUMMY!!!! Thank you for having us and for cooking such amazing food!!