Saturday, December 24, 2011

Gift Wrap Central

It's Christmas Eve and I'm up wrapping all the last-minute gifts. I'm almost done but I'll leave all the paper and bags and ribbons out so the kids can come down later (when they wake up) to wrap a few gifts that they have left. I was sitting at the table, looking at this coffee mug and it reminded me what I enjoy about this day so much. It's a coffee mug from Johnny's grandmother's house. His mom brought it to me along with a few other matching dishes after his grandmother died a few years ago. Here's how I remember the story - her husband of almost 70 years died just a few months earlier. On a Sunday morning she went to church and taught her Sunday School class that she taught for decades. She then went into the sanctuary, fell over in the pew and then met Jesus face to face. She was a precious woman with a lot of spunk and so faithful to her family and to God. I think about her just about every time I drink out of this mug.

What I enjoy so much about today and this season is being with special people - those that I love the most. Yesterday, 2 sets of friends dropped by with unexpected, sweet gifts. The first was a friend with 3 little boys dressed in their super hero costumes. I walked out to the car as they were getting out and reached down to hug them and their mom said, "Give Ms Jeanette a hug." They did but then (this is exactly how it happened!) Johnny came walking out of the house and they RAN and jumped up to hug him. Whatever. Another friend called yesterday that I have not talked to in ages and ages. It was a sweet surprise. Last night I had dinner with all 3 of my kids and my man - really, that doesn't happen too often anymore. Though school & college have been out for a week, Josh had to work all week so he just got home yesterday. We got an early Christmas present - a Kinect - and played games last night. It is really, really fun!

We've made some new traditions since we've been here in Mansfield and today is all about spending time together as a family. These are precious days. As my kids get older, I cherish days like today more and more. We'll go to my parents' house tomorrow evening and we are actually headed to Georgia this year since Johnny's parents were not able to come this year as his dad is still recovering from cancer surgery. I'm excited for a road trip and to see all our Georgia and Kentucky family!

While I've got gift wrap central set up this morning and value the time spent with loved ones more than any gift, the most important part of this Christmas is the Christ - the Savior of the world. I'm thankful for a Savior and a Redeemer. I'm thankful for a holiday set aside to worship the Son of God leaving His heavenly throne because He loved the world so much. He really is the gift that keeps on giving.

O, come let us adore Him! Christ, the Lord!

Merry Christmas!


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