Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So, what's up with you? We now have a BCS National Champion - exciting game down to the wire, by the way, and I could care less about who won. Week 2 of getting back into the routine after the Christmas break. We finally got everything back in the attic just this morning. I actually had to buy more storage tubs this year. I didn't think I bought too much new stuff...I guess I did. Some people are getting lots & lots of snow that, apparently, will be around for a couple of more days since the freezing temps aren't going to allow it to melt. It snowed here for hours on Sunday but nothing stuck or accumulated. It is stinkin' cold, though, and I'm thankful for a warm and cozy house. Especially since I saw a report on the news last night about a tent-city over in Fort Worth. Yeah, people sleeping in tents because that's their only option. And, I know that's the case all over the world - people just trying to find a place to lay their weary heads down whether it is in the hot or the cold. The rhetoric is getting heated out there. No, it was not a particular political party's fault that a CRAZY gunman opened fire on a crowd of people. That was tragic and horrible. I keep hearing about the 9-year old girl who was killed. I cannot imagine the anguish of her parents. Yet, I heard about another little, bitty girl that was accidentally shot this weekend. It hasn't been on the news and no one is telling her life story. As caught up as we are in the story of one, there was just as precious of a life - many lives over the weekend, I suppose - that was lost over the weekend. In fact, according to the World Vision website, a child dies from hunger-related issues every 7 seconds. Every 7 seconds. So they have a counter on the website that changes every 7 seconds that goes through the day and counts how many children die each day from hunger-related issues. When I checked it this morning - the morning - it was already up to 5,338 children. I haven't seen that on the news today.

Well, that's a bunch of randomness that started with football and ended in world hunger. Such is my life on 1/11/11.

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