Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just Being Green

I just returned from the Target here in our town where I used for the 2nd time ever my reusable, fabric, whatever they are called, shopping bags. I have an assortment. Two from when Johnny and I ran in the Cowtown, 2 Dallas Cowboy bags that we "won" with a bunch of other paraphernalia in a silent auction (which, BTW, the bag boy at Kroger said were his favorite!), one from church, and others. They have been in the back of my car for a few weeks but I kept forgetting to actually get them out. No, no, I wasn't really trying to be green. I'm not a wacko environmentalist and I don't believe in the global warming myth. Here's what I do believe in: the household myth -- you know, like the one about the clothes dryer eating socks -- that the plastic bags reproduce once you bring them home and put them in your plastic bag storage place. There are a lot of great uses for the plastic bags. Jessica takes her lunch in one every day to school. They are great liners for small trash cans. When kids are over swimming this summer, we'll certainly use a few sending wet swimsuits and towels home. But, it really doesn't matter how many we use. THERE ARE ALWAYS MORE! I HATE THE PLASTIC BAGS. And, that's not just for my home that I hate them. I hate to see them stuck in trees and roadside brush on a windy day. Littering is, after all, my biggest pet peeve.

So, I am officially a reuseable, fabric bag shopper. I like it. Yes, I feel a little silly carrying my random bags in the store and I'm not sure the bag boys think they are as convenient to fill but they'll get used to it, I suppose. We have to save the planet, after all. (she wrote with sarcasm)

I am serving the King, as always, the only One really able to save,


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Sue said...

That is EXACTLY the reason I started using the reusable "green" bags myself. I got tired of all the plastic shopping bags falling out of the holder into the closet.