Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's Raining Outside

We had big plans to work in the yard today. BIG plans... we decided to extend our pool deck and have a place Johnny dug out for it. Right now it looks like a pond and I don't think we're gonna get the rock in it today. We also bought some bushes to put out...our college son was going to GET to dig some holes for them today. Guess we won't make him dig out a big mud hole... But, BTW, the college boy is home. Home for the summer. His new apartment at DBU won't be ready until August 1st so he's here. We're glad to have him. Johnny even peeked in his room this morning to see him sleeping. Jessica says he's forgotten how to be a part of a "functional family" so he may have to be reprogrammed. I hope it's a smooth process!!

Jessica and I went with a group of ladies from our church to a homeless ministry last night. We walked down the street and handed out hotdogs and asked people if we could pray for them. We got some interesting answers. One lady, apparently a regular, was looking for someone to pray for her. Two other women were not one bit interested in being prayed for. We chatted with one guy who obviously had a lot of knowledge about the Bible but with an interesting theology. All in all, it was an interesting night and I'm looking forward to future ministry opportunities.

And for those of you with comments to my last post, thanks a bunch! I love it that I can read God's Word and it speak directly to me. And even though God had a specific meaning and purpose to the written text, I can apply it to my life and you can to yours. It's the application that varies, not the meaning. I like to read how God is speaking to individuals so maybe next week I'll try a new psalm and maybe you'll respond again...and, maybe some of you nonresponders will decide to participate next week! You never know whose life you may bless by sharing what God is teaching you!! For real...

Serving the King,