Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I had a chance to take the flu shot this year while I was at the health dept. getting another shot for my trip overseas. "No," I said, "We just don't get sick at my house." Next year I will be first in line for the flu shot.

Sunday morning (Easter Sunday) I jumped out of bed feeling fine but a little achy. I thought I was just sore because I went to work out the day before and Johnny and Jacob had me doing chin-ups on a weight machine. I could barely move my arms and my shoulders and back were real sore. As I was sitting listening to an excellent Easter sermon about the Risen Savior, wanting to identify my voice with that of the devoted to Christ, I noticed it was freezing in the sanctuary. I really think it just hit me - just like that...

So, I've been in bed since sometime on Sunday feeling really rotten. Johnny came home yesterday during lunch (wonderful husband that he is) and asked me if he could get me anything. "Just put me out of my misery," I answered. This is the first day I have even felt like reading or doing anything except watch tv. Maybe you are like me and usually do not watch tv during the day during the week. There's a reason we don't besides the fact that we aren't home or that we're busy -- there's NOTHING ON TO WATCH. And, BTW, the queen of daytime tv is not Oprah, it's Tyra. She's on all the time either on America's Top Model marathon or her talk show...I know I was a little delirious but I think that comes on more than once a day. Just a little tv info for ya!

I think I am on the road to recovery. I have a project and presentation due Monday and my NT research paper due on Tuesday. I planned to be at the library yesterday...I'm a little behind. It's all good, though. I'm graduating in 6 weeks and 2 days!!

Serving the King,



Darlene Schacht said...

I'm adding you to the CWO blogroll tonight. Welcome!

Anonymous said...

I too was hit with the flu bug about 2 months ago. Just as you described, it hit like a ton of bricks! One minute I was fine and within 3 hours I was already in misery. I was absolutely miserable for 5 days (I went to the Dr. on the 4th day.) However, I did have the flu shot (which the girls and I get because we all have lung problems.) Normally everyone around me is sick except me but I think they missed on their "guess" as to which flu strains to protect the public from. I hope you're feeling better and that you get your papers done to your satisfaction. Praying for you, TH