Sunday, January 13, 2008


It's almost 6:30 on Sunday morning...I've been awake since 4:45 am. The hardest part of being home from any trip overseas is the body adjusting back to the right waking and sleeping cycle. So, here I am awake and thinking about my trip and how it impacted and will impact my life. The trip was totally amazing. I am sitting here and do not even know what to type, where to begin. I am consumed with humility that I was able to participate in something so life altering and grateful for the things I saw and did and the people I met. I hope to share some of those things in the days ahead.

I am not teaching my class this morning, but was looking over the passages of Scripture that will be covered. The main text is from Exodus 19 and 24 and centers on the servant-leadership of Moses. Numbers 12:3 describes Moses as the humblest man on the face of the earth. His humility was key in his life. The verse is presented as a paranthetical statement in contrast to the attitudes of Aaron and Miriam, his siblings. Moses was submitted to God and willing to follow God's leadership in his life. Therefore, God used him to lead His own people from bondage in Egypt and in the establishment of His covenant with them.

Another key characteristic of Moses described in Numbers 12 is faithfulness. God saw him as faithful and, as a result, spoke to him in an intimate way. Faithful and humble. Willing to do whatever and go wherever. Let that be true in me that I, too, may hear the voice of God speaking to me and guiding my life.

Serving the King,


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