Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Boxes Project

Our first full day in Myanmar was spent working on the Boxes for Burma project. Our congregation here collected and sent small toys and stuffed animals as well as a monetary donation for the project. The fun part was filling the boxes and passing them out. We spent the entire morning putting boxes together and filling them with books, pencils, toiletry items, and some food items. We also filled some canvas bags that would be passed out to adults. We were there at the very end of the project but heard reports of how the boxes had been distributed literally all over the country over the last month to those in poverty situations. We were able to go to an orphanage (see above) to pass out the boxes and interact with the children. On the way, we passed out boxes to children we saw along the side of the road. We literally stopped the van and handed them out the window. We also learned a Burmese phrase that we were able to say to those we met.

It was absolutely humbling to participate in this project. I was reminded of how I am blessed my life is and how unimportant earthly possessions are. But since I have been given so much I hope to never fail to give to those who have less. I heard President Bush speak this summer and he reminded those listening that to whom much is given much is required.

More later...Jeanette

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