Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's Sunny Again

Sometimes life can just get ya down. The week started that way, but I must inform any that are still reading that I am much better now. It must be because my friend Julie was praying for me. I was really feeling a bit pitiful about the last blog I posted and thought I might delete it until I saw Julie's comment...thanks, Julie! Julie's and my husband served on staff together but we've both gone to different places now. Julie is a creative genius and the mother of 3 adorable sons! You should check her out at -- you can see pictures of the boys and all sorts of creative stuff she does!

Johnny leaves for India a week from today. I just realized he won't be here while I am finishing up my reserach/exegectical paper for New Testament. Yikes! He usually proofreads and makes sure I don't put in anything heretical. (LOL) Nine days all alone with three kids at the busiest time of the semester...

I wish I had something deep or spiritual or meaningful to write. All those words must be saved for my 2 remaining research papers and directed study project I am working on. Until then, this is all I've got...

Maybe you should just check back in December.... Just kidding...come back soon!

Serving the King,


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Anonymous said...

Your so sweet!!! I love reading your blog. I always gain something each time. I will pray for you while Johnny is gone and you are home alone with the kids trying to write papers that I could NEVER write! LOL! {{{HUGS}}}