Friday, October 12, 2007

Another First and Last

Johnny and I spent the last couple of days looking through boxes and packages (by the dozens) of old pictures. This one is of the first day of school our last year in Odessa. Josh was in 9th grade, Jessica in 6th, and Jacob in 4th. Josh went to a public jr. high where they were required to wear "standard attire." We looked through old pictures to put together Josh's senior page for the yearbook. At our high school parents can purchase all or a portion of a yearbook page, put current and previous year pictures of their son or daughter and publish a few words of encouragement. Our first time to buy a senior page and Josh's last year in the high school yearbook. It was so fun to see all of those pictures and to relive those precious memories associated with them. We did include a picture of Josh on his first day of kindergarten. He went to a private school then and he wore a tie on the first day. I don't have the picture scanned into my computer or I would have posted it here for all to see. He was so handsome then and he is now, too. A year of firsts (because Josh is the oldest) and a year of lasts. My seminary professor told me the other day that she has heard that senior year is hard on the parents and easy on the child and freshman year of college is hard on the child and easy on the parents. I am hoping for an easy year next year because she's right, this is definitely a hard year.
Off to see #87 play some football,

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momontherun said...

I know what you mean, I think I have cried more tears lately than I have her whole 18 years!!! It is bittersweet, and I know there will be many more sweet and precious times to come for both of them!!