Friday, August 10, 2007

Back to School Shopping

I took Jess today to the new Walgreens by our house and bought her a spiral notebook and some pens. She tells me she is going clothes shopping with her friends. Josh went with his girlfriend to the mall today for back-to-school shopping. It's so odd...I guess no one will need a new lunchbox or the long list of scissors, markers, crayons, etc., that we have spent countless days buying in past years. Will anyone even need me to go shopping with them this year??? Am I being put out to pasture already??

Perhaps I am over-reacting. It won't be the first time...

It's not like I don't have 5,000 other things I could be and should be doing. They still want me to do their laundry, cook their meals. I am still in the pursuit of that master's degree. I still want to be a great wife to Johnny and be a part of ministry with him. I JUST HATE THAT SOMETHING THAT I HAVE SPENT ALMOST 2 DECADES DOING IS COMING TO AN END!

Ok, glad to have that off my chest...

Have a great weekend!

Serving the King,



Anonymous said...

We can go back to school shopping together for the 3 subject notebooks, ink pens, and 50 pound books we will need this semester. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love reading your blog as well! You will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Paula Deen!!! She is so funny in person and her's HUGE!!! I got to meet her last Nov. It was a blast.
Keep blogging! I love reading it!
Tell Johnny hi!!