Thursday, June 14, 2007

Jacob, Me, and Fiesta Texas

Jacob and I went to the big Fiesta Texas on Tuesday. We were there before they opened the gates and, when they were open, we went directly to one of Jacob's favorite rides, the Roadrunner Express. We were the first people there and sat in the first seat. Not too many people had arrived by the time the ride was over, so we rode again -- this time on the back seat. It was a fun day! Jacob got to do whatever he wanted with me tagging along. We usually are budget conscious when we go places like that with 3 kids, but on Tuesday Jacob had 2 Icees, 2 DipnDots, and a charro (sp?). It wasn't too crowded so we got to ride everything we wanted to with hardly any wait at all.

I have to say (or write) that it was fun to spend the day with Jacob. I feel sure he would have rather been in Florida at camp with his brother and sister, though. Next year they all will go to camp together...

As for the SBC -- I didn't get to very much of it. I did get to see a live address by President Bush via satellite (or however they do it -- he wasn't there in person, but he obviously could see a video feed of us as we could of him). He spoke of all the good things we are doing as So. Baptists. It's something to be proud of, actually. We are involved in so many great endeavors to help people in practical and physical ways. I read some information about Mother Teresa recently. Her mission to help the poor, sick, dying, and outcast of society began in Calcutta, India, but her name is known worldwide because of her selfless life of giving. Unfortunately, I don't think that's what So. Baptists are known for but we are accomplishing so much in the name of Jesus. In truth, we can do more when we are working together than each individual or church could do separately, even though there are individuals and churches doing great things. That's the beauty of our convention...our cooperative works together.

Well, I am procrastinating on a project that I must finish today so I guess that's it for now...

Proud to be a Southern Baptist,



Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Hi Jeannette~

Just returning the visit...I always love finding me an SBC pastor's wife! :)) Read your convention post and have to agree, we are much ado about nothing sometimes...I'm not a big politic girl but we choose SBC because there is simply no better missions sending agency in the world! So you take the good with the bad and roll with it..:))

Look forward to visiting you again...are you at Southwestern??


Jeanette said...


Don't know if you'll check back or not but I am at Southwestern. I will finish my master's degree next May...21 years after I first started. Look forward to checking in on your blog again!