Thursday, May 24, 2007

Last Day of School - ugh!

I am a mix of emotions...I love the last day of school. School time is really hectic & I get so tired of asking, "Do you have homework tonight?" The kids seem to always be gone & on the run. Well, all of us do. Our summers are usually crazy and busy, but it's a different kind of busy. I love having my kids at home & with me. Today, however, I feel on the verge of tears. Johnny and I actually agreed this morning that we couldn't talk about it because we were both not wanting to get weepy. Next school year (just three short months from right now) our boy Josh will be a senior, Jess will be in high school, and Jacob will be in middle school. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN, darn it! I feel the time rushing by. Everyone says that once your kids get into high school that time seems to fly by...everyone is right.

So, tomorrow summer break starts. LAST DAY OF SCHOOL....whoopee!!

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