Saturday, March 17, 2007

Spring Break '07 - Wooo!

We got back from camping was great and the Wildwood (trailer name) is awesome!! The state park in Arkansas was beautiful and we had a great spot right on the lake. We had a little rain, but managed to find some fun at a local bowling alley. Taking 17 people anywhere can be a little overwhelming, but all the kids did really great! I hiked up a mountain in flip flops...who knew when we were going into town there would be a hiking expedition involved. (I thought we were going shopping!) I learned that coming down a steep, rocking path is much harder than going up when you are wearing flip flops. Johnny didn't wait for me and, somehow, my group started going back down the other side while his group circled around and went back down and by the time we got back up to the top and down again, everyone was waiting on us. Thankfully, lunch was next on the agenda! Jot had a blast running through the woods and along the shoreline. He even got in the water and fetched a stick. He was great, but the night it rained he got soaked...when we brought him in the Wildwood Johnny asked if we had a candle to overcome the smell of wet dog. No such luck! The last full day 8 of us went golfing. We found a course out in the country and not too many people were there - thankfully! We had 5 golf carts for 8 people ... needless to say, there are a few golf cart tracks off the cart path at a golf course in Arkansas. There are also a few Texas golf balls still in the water and woods... It was a gorgeous Spring day, though, and it was a blast! By about the middle of the week, someone would say, "Spring Break '07" and everyone would call back, "woooo!" It was an adventure, a blessing, and a whole lotta fun!

Spring Break '07 ... woooo

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