Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why I Love Those Ladies, Let me Count the Ways

As I stood in the kitchen making lunch for my man (who was flying home from a trustee meeting in Nashville) I was thinking about the group of women that I get to hang out with on Wednesday mornings. Honestly, I feel the word love is overused so when it comes to talking about my Wednesday morning Bible study ladies, love just doesn't seem big enough. I adore them. I cherish our time together.   They're magnificent. (and I'm not using hyperbole, though I've been known to a time or two) So, in honor of Valentines' Day and my adoration of these women, let me count the ways I love them:

1) They're studying the Bible. I love that about them.
2) They're showing up every week to talk about what God has been teaching them over the last week.
3) They're being vulnerable and sharing their lives.
4) They know what is said at Bible study stays at Bible study when it comes to private matters.
5) But, when it comes to matters of faith, they're learning how to share the important things with others.
6) They are encouragement to each other and to me.
7) They're asking questions and seeking for deeper answers.
8) They're believing God for those answers.
9) We're mixed ages and generations but we so get along and enjoy each other.
10) We can be serious or silly but it all comes from a deep affection that is rooted in the Father's love.

My heart overflows and these words hardly seem adequate. I'm grateful and blessed.

Serving the King,


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