Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Holy Moment

Yesterday was Memorial Day. Johnny and I observed the holiday by doing some traditional American, Memorial Day activities - you know, we sat out by the pool and ate watermelon and made homemade ice cream. But not before remembering why we are so privileged to be able to do such things. We don't forget for one day how truly blessed we are. Really, we know what it's like to struggle and worry and count the change to see if have enough to buy, well, whatever it was that we needed. For me, remembering where I've been is enough to drive me to my knees in gratitude.

On Sunday morning, in corporate worship, we finished singing a song (I can't even remember which one) and then were given the instruction to sit down. A video started playing. I was unprepared for it. It honestly took my breath away. It was a video expressing gratitude for the thousands of brave men and women who have answered the call of duty in order to protect the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Since I enjoy history, I've read some books about WWII and even more recent wars. I am awed by the heroism. I am amazed that people little over my son's age were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. I feel grateful and blessed. I am, by nature, a very patriotic person but having travelled to countries where people are not free makes me even more grateful and feel even more blessed to live in the greatest country on the face of the planet.

For those serving in America's military right now - thank you.

For those who have been left behind - thank you.

After the video played on Sunday morning we observed a moment of silence followed by a prayer. My immediate thought was, "this is a holy moment." You know, like those moments when you see a sunset over the mountains and you are awed by the Creator. Those moments when you recognize someone and Someone has given so much that you might live.

My challenge today is to live worthy of a holy moment. I pray that I will.

Proud to be an American
  and a child of the King,


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