Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Plentiful Harvest & The Laborers

We returned from London little more than 24 hours ago. It was my first time out of Heathrow in that city so I was super glad to be there. We went out into the city last Saturday - just on our own, navigating the public transportation and typical tourists attractions. Mainly we went to the British Museum. I've wanted to go there since 2001. It was great - and free! After the morning and part of the afternoon there we went to the area of the city where we hope to invest our lives over the next many years. As I am typing this and my iTunes is playing on my Mac, the song "Give Me Your Eyes" came up. That was and is my prayer as we did and will walk those streets in the future.  It will take us seeing with His eyes, being sensitive to His leading, for us to do anything.

During the first day of training in London we looked at Luke 10:1-16. Jesus sent His disciples out in pairs to the places where He would go. He said, "The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest." I am aware with a new, keen sense of awareness of the plentifulness of the harvest. The need for planting and sowing and reaping and gathering. I am beseeching, on the behalf of my city here and of our UUPG there, for laborers. In a way that I cannot at all explain, I feel a weird sense of confidence that there will be laborers. I cannot wait to see what God is up to - what He will do in us and through us, the laborers.

While we were on our way home from the UK, a group of ladies from our church community were leaving to go to prison. They headed down to Central Texas to go in to tell women inmates about the great love of Jesus. Really, I am so thankful for my church people and their willingness to be a part of Kingdom activity. Perhaps that's my confidence - except that part that comes from The Holy One - these people that God has put in our lives are simply willing.

What lies ahead will be challenging and fulfilling and a bit scary. We don't go alone. We know that. It will require sacrifice. We anticipate that. It won't be easy. Oh yeah, we're fully aware. Oh the joy of going. Oh the privilege to give and give up. Oh how strong we will grow when we are stretched.

Beseeching the Lord of the harvest,


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Tom said...

Jeanette, I have just read a few of your posts. It is now mid-August and Johnny's father has passed leaving a sense of sadness and loss, although in the light of heaven's gain. I sure understand that since both of my parents have been with the Lord for 4 years. You have also had such special times with your family - Johnny and your children. God gives us these high moments and low times through the course of life. Isn't He good, although we don't merit any of it? His grace carries us through.

I am looking forward to walking together with you and FBC Mansfield in the coming months and years. God has placed you where he wants you and he will not let you waiver and fall. We serve a great God. The vision is His.