Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Good Morning

I'm hopping on my blog this morning simply because it seems as though I've abandoned it. Not that anyone is reading, but I'm posting just in case. I really don't have much of anything in particular to post about but a LOT is going on.

First of all, we finished our 1st weekend of training for our new mission endeavor this past weekend. We had a great turn-out for a 5-hour training session on a cold, rainy and dreary Saturday evening. We got to skype with a pastor from Greece and a contact in London. That was cool. There was some small group discussion that was interesting - I mean, interesting to hear the responses from our people in attendance. I have more information but still feel overwhelmed by it all. I'm super excited to be going to London in April for more training. Yeah, super excited about that.

Next, Johnny and I are going to start teaching a Life Group (yikes) in a couple of weeks. We have an amazing class leader that has been enlisting a core group and making plans for people to be involved in the ministry and outreach parts of being a group. He's amazing! It's going to be a lot of fun and I've been doing one of my favorite things in prep - piling my desk up with books and reading and researching!

On a home note - Johnny and I have been doing some painting and moving furniture around and ripping off wallpaper. We've owned this house for 7 years now. (Johnny's been here for that 7 years but I didn't come until a month later.) After 7 years, some areas needed some attention and we enjoy that sort of thing. This week I'm pulling wallpaper off the walls in our master bathroom. I'm texturing and painting when I'm done with the paper removal.

Personally, I decided to do a 24-day challenge that starts with a 10-day cleanse. It's only day 2 but I'm feeling really terrific. (I mean, not hungry or like I'm missing out even though I'm not eating dairy or carbs. Well, only some complex carbs but not the yummy carbs like bread, etc.) The only downside to the whole cleanse is that I had to give up coffee for that period of time. I looked longingly at the coffee maker this morning. Yes, I'm addicted and will be having at least one cup first thing on day 11, I don't care what the instructions say.

I guess that's about it. Today was a day made for a run in the park so I'm headed out.

Serving the King,


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