Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rollercoaster Days

We were within 48 hours of the high school senior registering for classes at Oklahoma Baptist University.  Choosing a college was a breeze for the oldest - the first college that sent an acceptance letter to him was it. We have been a little back and forth with Jessica. She has had a couple of friends who came home after only 1 semester of college so she doesn't want to make a mistake. Anyway, on Thursday Jessica received an email from DBU with information about a new degree plan. We were on the phone making an appointment to visit with the professor and at DBU meeting with him before the afternoon was up. As a result, Jessica is now planning to go to Dallas Baptist University and we will be the proud parents of 2 Patriots this August. Whew!

We are less than 3 weeks away from graduation and are busy making party plans, graduation plans AND planning for the summer as well. Which includes vacation plans and mission trip plans. I've been having trouble sleeping - not because I'm worried or anxious but simply because there are sooo many things going on.  On top of that, Josh is moving back home today for the summer. It's so rarely the 5 of us and just the 5 of us that I am cherishing these days.

There's too much to do today to be blogging so I'm out!

Serving the King,


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