Friday, December 24, 2010

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

It's Christmas Eve - one of my most favorite days of the entire year. We just had our first Christmas eve jam session - Jacob on drums, Josh on bass, Jessica on the cowbell, Johnny on tamborine, and me on the keyboard. It was totally fun for me. Yeah, we had the old Baptist hymnal out just playing those familiar Christmas caroles. We've been in the kitchen making our snacks for tonight and now the kids are upstairs watching a movie and Johnny and I are about to start getting ready for the Christmas eve service at church. The weather outside is frightful - cold, rainy and dreary - but inside it is truly delightful! I am super thankful for my family and all that God has provided for us. 2011 will bring some big changes to our household. We will soon have another person living here and we'll be thinking about moving our Jess off to college at the beginning of the fall semester. God is good, He is so good.

A couple of weeks ago, our church choir and sign (language) choir had our Christmas service at church. One of the songs had words something like this: one king brought the gold, one king brought the myrrh, one king brought the frankicense, and one King brought the hope of the world. Yeah, the hope of the world, that's why we celebrate. That's why we get upstairs in our music room and play music and spend time together and eat delicious food and share gifts with one another. (although, as time goes on, the gift receiving for me does not mean near as much as just spending time with my family - besides the gift of hope, it is the greatest gift)

Hey, have yourself a very, merry Christmas! God bless you and yours with His richest blessings!

Serving the King,


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