Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Heavy Day

I told myself I would not cry but, sure enough, I couldn't hold the tears back.  Jessica's bestest friend spent the night last night and in the morning she leaves for college.  Then we got some heavy news about a friend.  It's one of those times when I just don't know what to do.  I really have no idea.  I'll pray, of course, but the rest is out of my hands.

My longing is to shelter those that I love.  My desire is to keep them safe and trouble free.  That's not practical and certainly does not line up with Scripture.  I long for that day of no more tears, no more mourning or sorrow.  Until that day, however, my hope rests in the One who is coming on that white horse.  He is called Faithful and True.  I believe in that.  Some days I don't know how I could take one more breath if I didn't. 

Just a couple more days and Josh will be gone.  Again.  School will start and we'll be in a routine.  We'll go to the last 1st day of high school for Jessica and the senior breakfast and, with that, all the senior things will start.  The last girls' basketball season and the last year of living at home.  For Jessica, that is.  We'll still have Jacob at home - I'm sure he will keep us in stitches, he is such a funny kid.

So, we'll have a busy few days - the school supply lists were sent home last night from Open House.  Ugh, I dread rumaging through trying to find just the right notebook or folders or whatever else the teachers have so diligently put on those lists.  I'm a rule follower so everything will have to be just right.  I might just drive my kids a little crazy - they'll find a substitute and say it's fine and I'll be manic about getting the exact item requested. 

I'm dreading it already.

Well, after this light-hearted and uplifting post (not!) I think I'll just sign off...

Serving the King,


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