Monday, March 23, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Wow, that title is a blast from the past. Do you remember that song? It had to be from the 70's...oh well, that's not why I'm here today...

I'm here because I just received my itinerary for my trip to India and Nepal. Yes, the tickets and airline reservations were made weeks ago, but the trip details aren't exactly what I thought. I have been given a little more responsibility than I originally thought I would have but I think we're gonna get to do some amazing things. I've learned that when one is traveling to a foreign culture that one must be flexible. Very flexible, at times. The last time I was in India I was given a speaking assignment at an event that I did not know about until 2 days before. There I was in India without any of my resources I would use if I were preparing to speak from my home office. My books were here. Papers that I wrote in seminary that I often refer to were filed away in my desk, unreachable. All I had was the Word and the Holy Spirit. He came through big time. He's good like that. But I'm here again, feeling inadequate and undeserving. Who am I that I should be given such a privilege? That the God of the universe would choose little ole me to go to such a dark corner of the world to proclaim His Good News. Wow.

I hope to blog while I'm away. We'll see. I'm not taking my laptop this time cuz I hate to drag it around and I had connection issues the last time I was there. I hope to use an internet cafe or the business office at one of the hotels. If not, I'll return with a full report sometime after April 4th. I covet your prayers for me, my friend Salena who is traveling with me, the rest of the team that we'll meet up with in India, and, most importantly, for the people we will engage while we are there.

Serving the King,


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Please know we are praying for you