Sunday, September 23, 2007

Where, oh where?

Did I ever think planning for my firstborn to go to college would be such a big thing? I guess because I always knew where I would go to college that I cannot remember it being such a big process. When I was young I used to say my blood was green and gold, not red. (Sic'em Bears!) First of all, there's got to be a "short list." Whew, I think we finally have a short list. Johnny and I had for our first choice DBU but, alas, that's not the senior's first choice. We even went to Patriot Day, the campus visit, and filled out the application. I was not even above paying our college interns (DBU students) to try to influence Josh to want to go to DBU. (LOL) I'm over it, though. Ok, so we've got the short list. He's got to take the tests. Yeah, some students took it last year during junior year, but that would require listening to announcements and taking the initiative to find out the info. for the test. He's scheduled to take the SAT the 1st weekend in October. check! He's applied to one other college and, apparently, there's one application he can fill out online once that can go to all Texas state/public universities. There's a couple of those on the list. Then, the biggie - how to pay for it. I spent an hour and a half on the internet last Friday looking for scholarship money. There's lots of 'em. Several will require that the student write an essay or fill out some kind of entry form. I can fill out entry forms but I am NOT writing the essay! Then, will come the wait. Will he be accepted? Will he make the right decision on where to go? Will he get scholarship money? Will I be able to keep up with all of this, keep the house and kids running and on schedule, keep up with my obligations/areas of service at my church, keep up with my school work...make an A on my mid-term on Tuesday??

Too many questions, not near enough answers... oh well, I am gonna be an expert at this whole college thing before the year is over...the next 2 will be a breeze! Maybe I'll write a book...a book what a great idea...I'll just do that in my spare time...

Serving the King,


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