Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where, O Where, Have You Been?

Wow, the last few weeks have absolutely flown by! My Jessica played her last basketball game as a high school student. It got pushed back a whole week because of the crazy weather we were having but the big day finally arrived. I was emotional but managed not to cry. Not that I didn't want to or have had plenty of cause to shed a few tears around here lately. I mean, this senior year stuff is rough! She still has not chosen a college but I am fairly certain she will chose one of the 2 that have offered the most scholarship money. Hey, the both have her deposit and both are expecting her to come so all she has to do is determine where God would have her spend the next 4-5 years of her life. I think she is leaning heavily toward the one not close to home and I'm trying to be ok with that. We will make a visit there in the next couple of weeks so I will pray that the visit will help her make her final decision.

Mostly, I am consumed with Fusion. My tendency is to stay home and study -- I love it, I truly do. I have to be so careful or I could become a hermit. I love my desk piled up with books and papers with the Bible right on top. The OT book of Judges is absolutely fascinating. I am amazed day after day how God applies that story from so long ago to my life every single day. In a crazy way, even the smallest detail can apply to something that I deal with - or that I know the people in my class can relate to in some way.

The next big thing for me is that I am leaving one week from tomorrow to go to prison. A prison ministry event, that is! (not that you were worried one bit about me going to prison for any other reason!) We are taking a group of 17 women down to Huntsville/Houston area for the Bill Glass Weekend of Champions. God has really put an interesting group together and I am super excited about what's going to happen next weekend.

Well, I've been having a conversation wtih my senior while this post has been I've lost track & have nothing else to post. So long!

Serving the King,


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