Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Testy, the dog

Have I mentioned on here a time or two that I am crazy about my new dog?  Or, maybe I've mentioned my crazy dog.  No, I haven't blogged about the new puppy too much yet.  We are definitely in a love/hate relationship.  Or, as Beth Moore says, some days the puppy is my "testy."  This morning would definitely be one of those testy times.  I found my new blackberry plant dead and in pieces on my backporch this morning.  I guess I won't be having any delicious blackberries picked by my own two hands outta my own yard this year after all.  Or thyme, either.  You know, the herb that's pronounced "time."  Yeah, my family was full of jokes when I looked out the window and saw it missing from the spot where I had planted it.  "It was only a matter of time..."  haha..hahaha.. (I wrote sarcastically)

Then, there's the matter of my bed.  It's kinda high but not too high.  We've laughed and laughed at the puppy's attempts to get up there without any luck over the past weeks.  Yesterday she jumped right up there, first try, without any effort.  Oh well, now I just have to train her NOT to get up there. 

We had to take her to the vet a couple of days ago because she has this little growth she has on the side of her face.  The vet said it's probably a benign tumor, common in...get this...Boxers.  Yes, her face looks very Pit Bullish but her body type, the vet said, is very Boxerish.  (I don't think those are the exact words of the vet, however)  Either way, she is still in the bully breeds and is still one of the best natured dogs I have ever been around.  Anyway, the vet said the last time I was there and the puppy weighed about 16 pounds that, according to the growth chart, that she didn't think Jadee would be over 50 pounds.  She weighed 32 on Monday and she's only 5 months old.  Do you think she will be over 50 pounds?  I have a feeling she might.  So tomorrow Jadee will go in for a little day surgery to have the lump removed.  Hey, it's only money, right? 

To her credit, Jadee is getting much better on the leash.  She actually did excellent (yes, I typed excellent and it is not an exaggeration) day before yesterday when I took her out.  Didn't try to pull me down the block even one time...which, will be quite a blessing when she weighs, well, whatever she weighs that will most likely be over 50 pounds. 

Serving the King,



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